Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my card?

Cards are entered into the AHA Training Center data bank upon completion of each course and after
payment of fees. The Training Center downloads your information into the American Heart Association
Ecard system on a daily basis and the system sends you an email with your card. If you need the card
sooner, the instructor can enter the card information directly into the AHA Ecard system for a quicker

How do I access the new AHA Ecard?

You will receive an email from American Heart (AHA) directing you to create an account with AHA. Next,
you evaluate the course and then you are asked if you want to print a certificate or wallet size card. I
recommend the certificate and you download it as “pdf” so you can forward it upon request for

When does my card expire?

AHA cards are good for two years and expire at the end of the month they were issued. While cards will
show the date they were issued, the AHA policy regarding expiration is the end of the month issued.

Do I need a book for the course?

The AHA recommends Student Manuals for each course but since books are good for 5 years, frequently
if you are recertifying your manual is still current. Every 5 years, the AHA updates all manuals to the
latest Resuscitation Science provided by the International Liason Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).
Ebooks are now available at

Can I take the course online?

Yes, the AHA offers online learning at While these courses take the place of
classroom sessions, you are still required to complete a skills check off with an AHA Instructor before
your card can be issued. Be aware that AHA does not recognize other online courses and while these
internet courses follow AHA guidelines, their cards may not be accepted by your employer.